Debt service offers hope

FINANCIAL pressures can trigger a whole range of other problems, but the Heritage Christian Centre is now helping community members get back on track by partnering with a national service to help address debt.

Heritage Christian Centre Pastor Robert Bowie said through the leading Australian debt management charity, Christians Against Poverty, community members could now access the free in-depth service.

Every client is visited in their own home, the charity negotiates with creditors on the clients behalf and local volunteers offer support to each person face to face, he said.

Clients dont have to be church goers and there is no pressure to become involved in the church.


Duncan: Business owners need to be online

In todays day and age, the pressure for business owners to be found on the Internet is enormous.

Why? Because it works.

Nowadays, most consumers dont use the Yellow Pages or look at billboards for information.

We are going straight to our smartphone or computer, and plugging what we need into a search engine.

Search engine optimization specialists in Southern Illinois say people aren’t going past the first Google, Bing or Yahoo! results page. I typically don’t go past the first three. That is true either in my personal or professional time.

After the first three search results, I wonder if the business is legitimate or not. And, if a business...

Governor’s Business Plan Contest helps turn ideas into reality

Vector Surgical is an Oconomowoc producer of tools and kits to help surgeons more accurately define the margins of excised tissue. It sells three industry-leading operating room products in all 50 states and internationally.

RevolutionEHR, a Madison-based provider of electronic health records software for eye doctors, employs about 70 people, has grown to $5.5 million in annual revenue and will continue to expand in Wisconsin even after a San Francisco investor bought a majority stake in the company. was founded by hard-core anglers who came up with interactive fishing maps, social media platforms and more — and it has hooked investments from angel and venture...

Business calendar: Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015

Career Fairs

oUWF Haas Center and PSC Career Fair: 10 am to 2 pm Friday. The UWF Haas Center for Business Research and Economic Development and Pensacola State College Student Jobs Services will co-sponsor a career and business fair in Century, that will feature about 20 employers who are actively hiring. Details, call Allison Tyler at 256-3155, or Sherry Duffey at 484-1653. PSC Century Center, 440 E. Hecker Road, Century.


oIMPACT 100 Membership Recruitment: 4:30 to 6:30 pm Thursday. Event hosted by the PACE Center for Girls. Guest speaker Laurie Rodgers. PACE Center for Girls, 1028 Underwood Ave.

oWest Florida Genealogical Society: 9:45 am refreshments;...

It’s Time to Reverse Declining ODA to Education

For education aid, we need to restore the spirit of the early 2000s if the SDGs are to get off to a good start.

The recently released 2013 aid data by the OECDs Development Assistance Committee (DAC) shows a further decline in education aid for the third consecutive year. Basic education suffered in particular; while total overseas development assistance (ODA) rose by 11 percent in 2013, aid to basic education declined by 7 percent.

A Hot-Cold Attitude toward Education

Looking more closely at the numbers over the past 10 years shows a marked shift in prioritization. In the first half of the decade, aid to education grew twice as fast as overall aid; while in the latter...

How Do You Teach Your Kids about Money?

Learning some basic personal finance concepts at an early age can help kids make better financial decisions as they get older. But how do you teach these concepts, as a parent?

Weve covered various tools and methods for teaching kids how to budget. But, of course, everyone has different ideas about how kids should learn about these concepts. Plus, many of us struggle with the basics ourselves, at least in practice. This can make it hard to know how to teach those basics to someone else.

So whats worked for you? How do you help your kids understand how money works in the real world? What do you do to prepare them for a solid financial future?


Ronald Namara, Debt Collector

Namara, the head of operations at Banar Collections Ltd, started the debt management company with a friend in 2010 with Shs 300,000. This working capital was basically used to register the company. It currently has a business portfolio of about Shs 19 billion based on the value of contracts it has. Its main clients are creditors and debtors who include individuals and institutions that have taken up loans or are demanding repayment.

Our approach is to encourage people with bad debts to come to us but many come when they are already in a ditch. We help mediate between the creditors and debtors with the main aim of recovering the debt.


Lemonade Day business for youth, kicks off with free bowling event

School-age children were able to bowl and eat a meal free at Bama Lanes Saturday simply for signing up for Lemonade Days kick-off event, a non-profit program to inspire youth to learn about business.

By registering, children in second through eighth grade in the city of Montgomery will have the opportunity to run their own lemonade stand May 3, on national Lemonade Day.

Lemonade Day is a national program which was founded in Houston, Texas in 2007. It has since then spread to more than 40 cities across the nation.

Beth Anne Dunagan is the city director for the program in Montgomery and said it is the first time the program is coming to the capital city. Fifteen children...

Debt Management firm join forces with benefit solutions provider

A high-profile debt solution company and a benefit solutions provider are coming together to offer financial and legal advice and support to employees of their clients.

The nations leading supplier of voluntary benefit solutions PeopleValue has partnered with the UKs leading debt solution provider Harrington Brooks.

Users of PeopleValues Advantage 6 will now also be able to get debt guidance and advice from Harrington Brooks, plus legal advice from their partners including a complimentary half hour legal consultation with Castle Keep Law.

Carers can also get specialist legal advice on how to reclaim care expenses from My Care Claim.

PeopleValue offer a wide range...

Changing contours of debt management

India, like other Emerging Market Economies (EMEs), has been impacted by the global financial crisis, European sovereign debt crisis and related developments. We were certainly bruised, but not battered. This led to increased volatility and uncertainty in the financial markets. Like other economies, we had also embarked on a program of fiscal stimulus to revitalise the economy resulting in accelerated borrowings. As a result, gross market borrowing of Government of India has increased by nearly 400 percent during last seven years.
During 2008-10, we front loaded the borrowing, de-sequestered MSS balances and shortened average maturity of issuances to successfully complete the large borrowing...