How I Paid Off $50K of Debt in Less Than 3 Years

By Christine DiGangi,

Graduating from college debt-free feels really good. When JaNet Adams got her degree from South Carolina State in 2003, she was one of those fortunate students who started her adult life without debt, and things went along really well for her.

She got married. They bought a house. They bought a new car. They had their first child. Then, in 2008, she lost her job.

Adams and her husband sat down to assess their financial situation, and they had to face a harsh reality: They had just lost nearly 75 percent of their household income, and they were $50,000 in debt.

Im a warning sign to people of what can happen after graduation,...

SalesForce CEO: I Can Do Business With Communist China, But Not Indiana

SalesForce is a $4 billion cloud computing company based in San Francisco. And its CEO Marc Benioff opposes religious liberty protections. Hes so extreme about it that when Indiana passed a bill that protects religious liberty, he announced he was pulling business out of the state.

Then he made a threat:

Everlert’s Financial Structuring and Consulting Group Signs New Clients in …

LOS ANGELES, March 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Everlert, Inc. (the Company) (OTC:EVLI), has obtained its third client for its consulting group that offers financial structuring and strategic planning services. The latest addition of a third consulting client allows the Company to utilize its management capabilities in the same way that it works with its Entertainment and Real Estate projects. The new clients also provide an additional source of revenue to support the current quarter operations.

Everlerts consulting group was formed based on the expertise of its management in working with mid-market and large corporations over the past several years. Each of these new client...

El Paso City Hall extends Prudential’s retirement plan services contract

The city of El Paso has renewed its contract with Prudential Retirement to provide record and administrative services for city employees retirement plan, the New Jersey-based company reported recently.

The city has 2,822 participants with $82 million in assets in its 457(b) retirement plan the government version of 401(k) retirement plans, Prudential officials reported.

The contract, which Prudential was given in 2010, was renewed for another three years, but no financial details were divulged by the company.

Retirement Advisors of the Southwest, an El Paso financial consulting firm, is the retirement plans advisor.

Prudential Retirement provides retirement plan...

I’m sorry to say I use almost every one of the ’25 annoying phrases you should …

One of the most popular stories on Business Insider right now is this one from LinkedIn contributor Dr. Travis Bradberry:

25 annoying phrases you should stop saying at work

Naturally, I read the story.

And I learned that I use almost all of the 25 annoying phrases Im supposed to stop saying at work.

I must also confess, though, that I dont find these phrases that annoying. I even like a lot of them.

Thrown under the bus, for example.

I am quite fond of thrown under the bus.

We even use thrown under the bus in headlines sometimes. And thank goodness for that. I enjoy it every time I see it.

Google throws recalcitrant Android executive...

Relearning the Art of Asking Questions

Proper questioning has become a lost art. The curious four-year-old asks a lot of questions — incessant streams of “Why?” and “Why not?” might sound familiar — but as we grow older, our questioning decreases. In a recent poll of more than 200 of our clients, we found that those with children estimated that 70-80% of their kids’ dialogues with others were comprised of questions. But those same clients said that only 15-25% of their own interactions consisted of questions. Why the drop off?

Think back to your time growing up and in school. Chances are you received the most recognition or reward when you got the correct answers. Later in life,...

Bahamas Resort’s Delay Hurts China’s Plans to Win Construction Business

The opening of a $3.5 billion Bahamas resort was delayed once again as a state-owned Chinese construction company and the local developer feuded in public over who is to blame for mismanaging the project.

The setback threatens to complicate China’s plans for winning new construction business in the US and the Caribbean.

The developer, a group led by Bahamian businessman Sarkis Izmirlian, this week postponed for a second time…

Hoover City Schools Chief Financial Officer Cathy Antee to leave district June …

The Hoover school board today voted to let the contract expire for the school districts chief school finance officer, Cathy Antee, in June 2016.

Antee, who has been the Hoover school systems chief financial officer since 2007, requested that her contract not be renewed in a letter to school board President Donna Frazier.

In a phone interview today, Antee said she has had a really good time and made a lot of friends in the Hoover school system and enjoyed the technological advances the district has made. However, with a new superintendent set to come on board this year, she felt it was a good time for her to make a move as well, she said.

Antees contract is structured in such...

Bank awarded for quality care of commercial clients

Duggan touts zero-interest home repair loan program

Mayor Mike Duggan on Tuesday announced a zero-interest home loan repair program that will allow eligible residents to secure $5,000 to $25,000 in funding for home improvements.

Eligible residents include homeowners whose income is less than $37,950 for individuals or $54,150 for families with credit scores of at least 560. The city is offering financial consulting services for those who dont meet the credit score minimum.

I wanted something for people who owned their homes and had stayed in the neighborhoods, Duggan said during a press conference at Joshua Temple Church of God in Christ on Detroits east side. But we could not have come up with enough money on our own.