Under Gov. Chris Christie, New Jersey’s Wall Street Investments Trailed S&P 500

New Jersey investment officials have directed increasingly large slices of state pension money into riskier investments, such as hedge funds, touting their strategy as a means of limiting exposure to a volatile stock market. Theyve argued that their approach would maximize overall returns and justify the higher fees paid to Wall Street money managers.

But in seven of the eight years since the state began shifting pension funds into so-called alternative investments, returns have fallen well short of the broader stock market, an analysis of state financial records shows. In those seven years, New Jersey’s alternative investment portfolio has produced gains of just more than half...

Major Oil and Gas E&P Interest Acquired by Key Capital

Major Oil and Gas E&P Interest Acquired by Key Capital

September 12, 2014: 09:51 AM ET

Key Capital Corp (PINKSHEETS: KCPC)

KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (PINKSHEETS: KCPC) and GEOGLOBAL RESOURCES INC (“GeoGlobal”) (PINKSHEETS: GGLR) jointly advise that the relationship between the respective companies has been formalized whereby Key Capital has obtained a 65% interest in GeoGlobal, and Key Capital Directors Donald Benard and Peter Boonen, along with former UBS banker Christoph Wyder, have joined the GeoGlobal Board.

Despite its world class assets, GeoGlobal has experienced serious difficulties, especially over the last two years. In the past...

Move On CYS Investments’ Quarterly Dividend, 13% Yield And Future …

On September 9, 2014 the Board of Directors of CYS Investments Inc. (NYSE: CYS) announced a quarterly dividend of $0.30 per share of common stock for the third quarter of 2014. The common stock dividend will be paid on October 15, 2014 to stockholder of record on common stock on September 24, 2014.

This is a decrease from the last three quarters of $.032, which is not an alarming rate, but investors would much rather see it hold steady than drop. The stock is still paying a 13.6% yield, and that continues to get our support to buy and hold this stock, but the reduction in the dividend deserves a hard look at the numbers.

In reviewing the second quarters financial report that...

Picking the best location for your business

Choosing where to locate a new business can be a difficult decision for any entrepreneur.

Do you simply stick to the familiar surroundings of your hometown, where you have your family for support?

Or do you need to move to a big city to find a larger customer base, or to be part of a network of similar businesses?

This choice can be a dilemma in any country, but it is even more difficult in a nation the size of Canada, the worlds second largest.

For while the internet has made it far easier for firms – especially digital ones – to be based wherever they want, it still often remains the case that location is vital, be it to be close to customers, suppliers,...

7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Accounting Software

During tax season, many business owners provide me their tax data in various ways: boxes of receipts, clumps of expenses stapled together with adding machine tape totaling each type of expense, or a listing of income and expenses in a spreadsheet format. When the information is fed to me by these means, I often wonder what expenses may have fallen through the cracks. I often have to ask after some deductions that appear to be missing such as bank charges and credit card interest.

But when a client sends over a computerized accounting file that has been kept up to date and includes cash and credit card purchases, I’m fairly confident that every eligible deduction will be included...

BBB offers Steps for Students to Protect Their Identity

MIDLAND — Information sharing has become second-nature to many college students who have grown up in an era of social media, smartphones and widely available internet access. Unfortunately, this also makes students more susceptible as a target for scams and fraud.

Identity thieves look to college-age adults because they often have good, clean credit scores. Young adults are also prime targets, not just because of their willingness to share information online, but also the high number of forms and applications they are required to fill out. Adding to this is the continual barrage of credit card offers, frequent online purchases and newly granted financial independence.


AFRICA INVESTMENT-Africa sovereign funds tread tricky path on investments

LONDON, Sept 11 (Reuters) – As the oil producers of
sub-Saharan Africa rush to create sovereign wealth funds,
competing pressures to boost living standards now while saving
for the future can throw up as many problems as they solve.

Jose Filomeno dos Santos, chairman of Angolas fledgling $5
billion fund, noted that while his country has one of Africas
highest economic growth rates, it still has one of the
continents highest child mortality rates.

(Angola) still lacks doctors, it still lacks hospitals, he
told sovereign wealth fund conference at Londons Chatham House
last week.

These are things that take time to build. Investment has to

5 Small Business Success Secrets That Work For Big Business

One of the joys of running a small agency is that we get to work for all kinds of clients from the very small (literally Mom and Pop startups) to the massive (Ford, Chase, 3M).

I think we usually learn more from our work for smaller clients and that’s counterintuitive, isn’t it? When I was very young, I thought that knowledge and business experience flowed downhill from the lofty heights of executive boardrooms to home offices. I have since learned that just as often, the knowledge flow is uphill from the small to the huge. I should have known that, anyway.

My dad used to say, “We’re leaving money on the table if we don’t follow up with every buyer...

Top Business Insurance Losses Revealed in New Allianz Report

Nearly 70 percent of business financial losses arise from 10 causes of loss, with the largest single identified cause being ship groundings, reflecting the high values of modern shipping risks, followed by fires and aviation crashes, according to a new report from business insurer Allianz Global Corporate amp; Specialty (AGCS).

In its Global Claims Review 2014, AGCS identifies the top causes of loss and emerging trends from over 11,000 major business claims in 148 countries, each of above $136,455, with which it has been involved between 2009 and 2013.

Top Causes of Loss by total value (2009-2013, insured losses over $136,455)

1. Grounding
2. Fire
3. Aviation crash

Vodafone Complains That It’s Difficult To Do Business In India

Vodafone Vodafone, or at least the local CEO of the company in India, has complained at an Economist seminar that it’s difficult to do business in the country. And they do have a point to make too. The problem is, to a large extent, that of India’s bureaucracy. For there’s always a certain tension in governance of any sort. Of course we’d always like whatever decision is made to be the “correct” one, the one that produces the best results. However, working in the other direction is the necessity of decisions actually being taken promptly. That’s where the tension comes from: correct decision or quick decision?

Asserting that it is difficult...